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Spin City

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Spin City er en amerikansk serie indspillet i 1996-2002, hvor omdrejningspunktet er borgmesterkontoret i New York. Det lidt uheldige og klodsede borgmester Randall M. Winston Jr. spilles i hele serien af Barry Bostwick men seriens hovedperson er viceborgmesteren, der indledningsvis spilles af Michael J. Fox i rollen som Mike Flaherty (1996-2000) og efterfølgende af Charlie Sheen som Charlie Crawford (2000-2002).

Mike Flaherty[redigér]

  • This is perfect! The only downside is that everybody thinks I'm a freaking loonie.
  • Squirrels are just rats with good PR.
  • Did she just question my stones??
  • Wow! This guy has a huge....appartment....
  • We only spooned! We didn't fork.....
  • I'm like the Beatles. Except they HATE me.
  • Ooouuuhh nails nails NAILS.

Stuart Bondek[redigér]

Stuart Bondek er den kyniske og altid hånende tekniske leder spillet af Alan Ruck.

  • I was Sir Hump-a-lot riding my Guineverre.
  • Sorry. I was just pressing my ear against your door to sneak at your private conversation.
  • Normal people download nude-pictures from the internet.
  • It's a law of nature: Women are vulnerable at weddings.
  • Three words: Virgin - for - ever.
  • Pick you up saturday. Dress slutty.
  • It doesn't end until i say so!
  • The porn people are coming. They are running down the hall. It's a sight....
  • Life is about dominating people.
  • It must be soooo dull to be you.

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Paul Lasiter[redigér]

Paul Lasiter er borgmesterens pressemedarbejder. Spilles af Richard Kind.

  • Oh my God! OH MY GOD! I just checked out my mom....
  • I just put in the wrong battery and the thing went crazy...
  • I wanted to do it but instead.... i didn't.

James Hobert[redigér]

James Hobert er kontorets landlige og noget naive taleskriver spillet af Alexander Chaplin

  • Perhaps i should have spent less time in college and more in a quarrel.

Stacey Paterno[redigér]

Stacey Paterno er viceborgmesterens sekretær, der er meget præget af sin italienske opvækst. Hun spilles af Jennifer Esposito.

  • There is nothing like a girl-fashion love story. Lick!
  • Six parties - six death guys.
  • Don't mess with your boss' dingo.

Randall M. Winston Jr.[redigér]

  • Word of advice: There is no I in orgasm.

Caitlin Moore[redigér]

Caitlin Moore bliver i serien ansat som borgmesterens kampangeleder. Hun spilles af Heather Locklear

  • If you where the last man on earth, i'd date outside my species.

Diverse gæsteoptrædener[redigér]

  • Golf is for sissies!
    Barry Corbin som Mr. Nolan.
  • I never cared much for dancin' men.
    Barry Corbin som Mr. Nolan.
  • I got three words i want to pass: Dog, but and firecracker.
    Beth Littleford som Deirdre.
  • Nude up, Dum Dum.
    Beth Littleford som Deirdre.
  • I like to jodle after sex.
    Heidi Klum som hende selv.