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Rocco Fucko.(Fiktiv person)

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Rocco er bæver fra tv-satiren Dolph & Wullf med Venner. Rocco er bland andet kendt for udtalelse som f.eks. "Can I fuck your ear, Wulff? og "i fuck Ghita Nørby".


  • Do you know why the owl says "uuuh uuuh" in the night? It's because I bang it!
  • Do you know why they sing "aaaa-aaaa-aaamen" in the church? It's because I bang them!
  • I'd bang her!
  • You have very sexy ears!
  • Can I fuck your tiny ass?
  • In my own country we like sport very much! We play with the balls, all the time!
  • I don't fuck Reje Ost! Reje Ost has no hole to fuck! No ass!
  • I bang her! In the ass!
  • Can I fuck your ear, Wulff?
  • Wanna taste some sticky beaver juice?
  • The Opera house is a very sexy house!